Doximity Telehealth App Becomes One of the Most Used Telemedicine Tools in the U.S.

1 in 10 U.S. Doctors Use Regularly for Video Visits; New Data Uncovers Trends in Telehealth Since Onset of COVID-19 Crisis

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., July 9, 2020Doximity, the professional medical network, announced a surge in physician adoption of its telemedicine tool, Dialer Video. The company reports that over 100,000 U.S. physicians are already using the app since its launch for telemedicine regularly, making Dialer Video the most used telemedicine technology among U.S. physicians to date. In addition, a Journal of the American College of Surgeons review found Doximity’s video app “the easiest way to connect with patients.”

Powered by Twilio's programmable video API, Doximity Dialer Video is a simple and highly-reliable telemedicine tool that enables physicians to video call patients in a secure way, directly from a doctor’s own smartphone.

The company attributes the successful adoption to the technology’s ease of use for both doctors and patients, as well as Doximity’s existing user base of over 70% of all U.S. doctors.

“We listened closely to our physician members and used that feedback to build a simple telemedicine tool that addressed many of the challenges with existing offerings. As a result, Dialer Video is now a market-leading telemedicine solution among U.S. physicians. The most rewarding takeaway for us is that we’re helping doctors treat their patients safely during this pandemic,” said Jeff Tangney, co-founder, and CEO of Doximity. “And Twilio has been a phenomenal partner to us in this, and they’ve helped our R&D team move fast and get out in front.”

“Doximity’s Dialer Video has seen impressive growth as telemedicine becomes a must-have versus a nice-to-have due to COVID-19,” said Susan Collins, global head of healthcare services at Twilio. “Telemedicine solutions like these bring the convenience and flexibility of a modern consumer experience to the healthcare market, which is appreciated by both patients and providers. We're proud to power Doximity’s reliable, secure and convenient video solution to assist the providers who are serving their patients and communities during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond.”

Telemedicine Adoption Data

Due to Doximity’s broad usage among healthcare professionals, which includes 70% of all US doctors and 45% of all physician assistants and nurse practitioners, the adoption of Dialer Video provides a rare glimpse into how telemedicine is being used and deployed across the U.S. healthcare system. Doximity has identified a series of interesting trends in how telemedicine has been used during the onset of COVID-19, and its continued usage as shelter orders are lifted.

These findings include:

  • Physician adoption by age: Physicians in their 40’s and 50’s are using telemedicine more often than younger colleagues in their 30’s.
  • Physician adoption by gender: A gender disparity was identified among physician users, showing female doctors adopting telemedicine at a much higher rate (25%) than their male colleagues.
  • The top 10 specialties most actively using telemedicine are:
    1. Endocrinology
    2. Rheumatology
    3. Nephrology
    4. Gastroenterology
    5. Cardiology
    6. Pediatrics
    7. Urology
    8. Family Medicine
    9. Geriatrics
    10. Neurology
  • The top 10 states with the greatest physician adoption of telemedicine are:
    1. Massachusetts
    2. New Jersey
    3. North Carolina
    4. Maryland
    5. Illinois
    6. New Hampshire
    7. Indiana
    8. Rhode Island
    9. Mississippi
    10. Connecticut

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