Doximity Releases Insights on Physician Careers

Compensation Data from 35,000 Physicians Reveals Trends Around Demand, Geography, Academic Affiliation and Gender Pay

San Francisco, Calif., January 27, 2016 -- Doximity, the leading medical network with 60 percent of all U.S. physicians as members, today announced new insights from Career Navigator-- the first interactive map of physician compensation and jobs. More than 35,000 physicians across 48 specialties opted to anonymously share their annual income in order to illuminate income trends related to geography, academic vs. non-academic practice, and gender.

Whether looking for new employment or preparing for salary negotiations, physicians can use the repository of peer salary data to gain competitive insights on their specialty's compensation trends across the country. Open career opportunities are also highlighted on the map so physicians can explore alternatives.

Key findings from the 2016 cut of Career Navigator data include:

  • Pay can dramatically vary by state: For example, Minnesota and Indiana earn 13 percent over national average in all specialties analyzed.
  • Academic careers pay significantly less: Academic physicians make on average 13 percent less than their non-academic counterparts, and there tend to be even larger differences within surgical and procedure heavy specialties. Non-academic procedural specialists can make as much as 52 percent more than those in academia.
  • Gender pay discrepancies persist across all specialties: Male physicians tend to make an average of 21 percent more than females, though the width of the gap varies by specialty. Ophthalmology, physical medicine and rehabilitation, and cardiology, for example, have the biggest pay gaps between male and female doctors.

The interactive compensation map is available to any U.S. physician through Doximity at More in depth insights can be found on

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