Doximity Announces New Integration with Epic Haiku

Integration of Doximity Dialer with Epic’s Mobile EHR enables doctors to easily call patients with a single touch

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., September 20, 2017 -- Doximity, the largest social network for U.S. physicians and advanced practice clinicians, today announced an integration with Epic, creator of the most widely-used electronic health record (EHR), to enable one-touch dialing of patients directly from within Epic’s mobile EHR.

The integration between Doximity Dialer and Haiku lets doctors quickly and conveniently access patient records and communicate with patients directly from their cell phones without exposing their personal phone number. Using Haiku, physicians can tap the contact information in a patient’s chart to instantly open the Doximity Dialer app and call their patient.

The Doximity Dialer app enables doctors to contact patients from their mobile phones, while protecting the privacy of the physicians’ personal cell phone numbers. Doctors can make patient calls from their mobile devices, while displaying their office, clinic, or hospital phone number on caller ID. Patients see the doctor’s office calling, making them more likely to pick up these important calls. Adoption of Doximity Dialer has been fast, and over 1 million patient calls were made with the app in the last three months.

“Our goal is to connect physicians to make them more productive and successful. By working with an industry leader in electronic health records, we can help them save time while improving patient care,” said Jeff Tangney, founder and CEO of Doximity. “Together, the combination of Haiku and Dialer can make doctor-patient communication easier, and more efficient.”

Effective communication is an important aspect of coordinating care, as studies have shown that phone communication with patients can reduce unnecessary hospital readmissions and increase patient satisfaction. Doximity is already benefiting physicians and their patients at UC San Diego Health, a member of the Epic community.

“This integration between Epic and Doximity helps save physicians’ time, has the potential to ease patient communication, and, ultimately, help improve care coordination,” said Marlene May Millen, MD, chief medical information officer, ambulatory care, at UC San Diego Health. “The one-touch dialing allows me the convenience to contact my patients – and access their health care information – directly from my iPhone, whenever and wherever.”

The latest version of Epic’s Haiku mobile app has integrated Doximity Dialer, and any verified physician can download Doximity Dialer for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

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